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Training and Development

Training and Development

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Capacity Building Programme for Teachers

Classroom Management / Children Deserves the Better World

Potohar Mental Health Association (PMHA) in collaboration with Station Girls Higher Secondary School / College, R.A. Bazar. Saddar, Rawalpindi, Pakistan has launched a new initiative, called ‘Capacity Building Programme for Teachers”.

The purpose of the program is to build onto the existing capacity of school teachers in the education sector. Increasing the capacity of teachers will in turn increase the quality of education provided to children, along with a transfer of knowledge to parents of these children. For this purpose, PMHA has employed the concept of ‘Training Of Trainers’ program on June 17th, 2013, whereby 33 candidates, from Station School I, II and III schools have been trained by Farah Zulqurnain and Zulqurnain Asghar, Clinical Psychologists. The knowledge base of the trainers will be supplemented by regular trainings provided on an ongoing basis, resulting in a continual improvement of the trainees and in turn, the capacity of school teachers.

Both the training sessions were highly appreciated by the teachers as they were requested to give the written feedback. According to them they will try to implement all the strategies according to the needs in their classrooms and these types of training workshops should be continued on monthly basis.

Strategic Interviewing and Counseling Skills

Potohar Mental Health Association (PMHA) in collaboration with Pakistan Association of Inclusive Education (PAIE) has conducted one day workshop on October 25th 2014 at AKU-IED, Karimabad, Karachi, whereby 50 special educators from different institutes / universities / special schools have been trained by Farah Zulqurnain and Zulqurnain Asghar.

On behalf of PAIE Ms. Yasmeen Muhammad served as host and introduced the facilitators, and then both the facilitators took the stage and mesmerized the participants with their unique insights and passionate delivery on the topic. They spoke of how important is to learn counseling skills. They encouraged young professionals to learn from their experiences and put their acquired knowledge and skills to use in furthering the cause of mental health.

They gave an impressive presentation on “Strategic Interviewing and Counseling Skills” which leads to an interactive discussion with the participants. Farah Zulqurnain concluded the talk by delivering an inspirational story leaving the participants with a message to enhance and utilize their skills in a constructive manner.

The workshop was highly appreciated by the participants, followed by lunch and informal interaction of the facilitators with the participants.

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